The CUPS Team!



Gilad is one of the CUPS founders and heads up US operations. His secret talent is dressing up for Halloween, and he is very picky about pastries. The only “nice” jacket he owns is made of velvet. We’re not sure what to make of that.



Lauren is the bombshell CUPS Marketing Director who is obsessed with dumplings. She speaks perfect Spanish, can usually be found eating, and can cook better than you can. She wins the “most stylish person to work for CUPS” award, but let’s be honest, it’s not very tough competition.



Alon is one of the CUPS founders and our CEO. Half of the time he isn’t in the office so actually we have no idea what he does. Alon likes to eat his cake and have it too, especially when it is a chocolate babka.



Ro-e is one of the CUPS founders. He is the CUPS Product Manager a.k.a. design ninja, and a vegan cliche: he has a dog and 2 cats PLUS he drinks a green juice every morning. Therefore he is healthier than everyone else, because we are all eating chocolate chip cookies and babka and things made with pork.



Michael, also one of the CUPS founders, can code in his sleep but drinks double espresso to stay awake. Not surprisingly (since he is a programming master), he is also a self-proclaimed Star Wars geek. He loves dogs.



Nicole is an Account Manager with random yet interesting aromatherapy knowledge. She often brings various bags of granola and cookies into the office so everyone tries to sit by her. You can find Nicole gawking at the cute brownstones in Carroll Gardens and dreaming of the day she can do ALL her grocery shopping at Whole Foods.



Abby is our “Millennial Dialect Translator” and Marketing Editor. From new acronyms to Kanye’s latest Twitter feud, Abby is in the know. She’s a full-time student at FIT and a working photographer. She stays busy, but hey that’s where coffee lends its helping hand.



Emily is a former barista and current East Coast Partnerships Manager. She’s lived in Brooklyn for more than four years and will probably never get enough of exploring the five boroughs. She spends 90% of her time drinking coffee and the other 10%….well, sleeping.



Misbah is a cross-team intern at CUPS, so he gets to do a little bit of everything. He’s a huge hip-hop head, devours books on the daily and has the fiercest competitive spirit when it comes to sports (and pretty much everything else). Muhammad Ali and Kobe Bryant are his spirit animals, and he’s pretty sure coffee is his Limitless pill.



Simon blurs the line between North & South Williamsburg as our very own ‘Hip-sidic’ Cross Department Intern. He is in direct competition with Alon for the best beard in the office. Simon loves music, specifically funk and can be seen embarrassingly grooving on the subway.

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