Work it: Best NYC Coffee Shops for Coworking, Studying, and Getting Stuff done

Everyone works a little better, faster, and happier when they’re in a coffee shop. But not all workspaces are created equal. Sometimes there’s no wifi, or it’s too noisy, or it’s just not the right vibe. Coworking spaces have become more and more popular in recent years since the success of WeWork, but it’s not an option for everyone to book a pricy subscription.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of coffee shops that combine all the perks of a specialized coworking space with the affordability of a coffee shop. These are spaces designed specifically for and usually occupied by students and professionals getting work done. So next time you have a tough deadline coming up, just check out our list to find the right spot for you.

1.) Pourt

The Concept: A port is an outlet—not just as in what you plug your laptop into when you’re getting work done, but as in an outlet for creativity, or an outlet for communication. Find all of the above in this coworking space on Cooper Square, plus freshly “pourt” coffees. You can also purchase your coffee here through the CUPS app!

The Coffee: Serving Intelligentsia.

The Coworking: The front area is great for quick coffee chats, syncing with team members, and brainstorming ideas. Head to the back for getting the tough stuff done.

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2.) The Freehold

The Concept: Frequented by the Williamsburg freelancing crowd (hence the name), this space transitions from coffee shop and coworking space by day to bar and venue by night. There’s value in collaborative energy, and that’s what you’ll find here for sure. Complete with front desk/concierge, The Freehold is decorated like a hotel lobby in a nod to its multifunctional atmosphere—this space is here to meet your needs, whether they’re to meet, to work, or to play.

The Coffee: Serving Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

The Coworking: “We love to see a guy working on his laptop during the day and then falling off his barstool at 4 A.M.” — Co-owner Brice Jones. (Work-life balance is valued here. Other types of balance? Maybe not.)

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3.) Project Cozy

The Concept: “Project Cozy” sounds like an oxymoron. “Cozy” calls up images of rest, relaxation, and naps by the fireplace. “Project” is what your manager assigns you on a Monday morning. Yet Project Cozy manages to achieve the perfect balance with its mixed menu of eye-opening coffee and good-for-you juices—making it a go-to spot whether you’re trying to focus hard or chill out.

The Coffee: Serving La Colombe and fresh house-made juices.

The Coworking: Founded by NYU grads and located at the base of an NYU dorm in SoHo, Project Cozy is always bustling despite being a relatively new installation in New York’s coffee shop community.

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4.) Housing Works Bookstore Cafe

The Concept: A coffee shop in the midst of an independent bookstore where all proceeds go towards benefiting the homeless community in New York. Do good by doing work here. You can also purchase your coffee here through the CUPS app!

The Coffee: Greenport Harbor Brewing Co.

The Coworking: Best for casual coffee chats or students looking to get some reading done.

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One thought on “Work it: Best NYC Coffee Shops for Coworking, Studying, and Getting Stuff done

  1. PROOF Coffee Roasters has a great location at 27th and 1st in Kips Bay. Tons of space, free wifi, and best of all – the option to purchase a monthly unlimited coffee membership.

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