Announcing CUPS Cribs, Your New Favorite Side Hustle

Have you ever dreamed of opening a coffee shop, but found that you didn’t have the time, money, or knowledge to do so? CUPS Cribs is the platform you’ve been waiting for.

About CUPS Cribs

With CUPS Cribs, we’re letting anyone apply to make their home into a CUPS location, AirBnB-style. All you need is some coffee and a positive attitude.

If we accept your application, we’ll add your address to our app. Then, when customers show up at your door, just make some coffee and charge them through CUPS. You have the potential to make literally tens of dollars.

You haven’t lived until you’ve been to Bingo Monday with the Sunbury Elks

Fire up that French Press (or, sigh, that Keurig) and apply for CUPS Cribs now.

Our Flagship Location

If you need some inspiration, here’s a quick profile on our first Cribs location, Greenlight, which is somewhere on the border of Bushwick and Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn (good luck finding it).

There’s no food pairing like chicken noodle soup and peach rings.

Shop Name: Greenlight

About the proprietors: We are three dudes in our twenties who graduated college a few years ago but still live off microwavable mac and cheese.

Vibe: Our apartment is the quintessential messy bachelor pad: leftovers on the coffee table/gazelle head on the wall/beer bottles everywhere. It’s sure to spark nostalgia about your confusing post-college days.  

His name is Winston.

Coffee: Our Keurig works about 60% of the time, and we serve Wawa-brand coffee imported from a really nice gas station in Pennsylvania. We also have a Bean Box subscription and a French Press – if you’re lucky, the one roommate who knows how to use it will be around when you come through.

Food options: We offer a rotating selection of locally-sourced cold pizza and Chinese takeout, and a variety of stale breakfast cereals. Or feel free to just pack a lunch and bring it over.

This may be the only place in Brooklyn where you can buy Wawa coffee

Wifi/Working Situation: We are somewhat tolerant of freelancers, and our WiFi is pretty good. There’s only one outlet, so get here early! But not too early – if you show up at the crack of dawn, we probably just won’t buzz you in.

Apply to join CUPS Cribs now!
Whoever’s application makes us laugh the hardest will get featured on the app for a day sometime soon.

4 thoughts on “Announcing CUPS Cribs, Your New Favorite Side Hustle

  1. This is kind of scary… with air bnb you can check the rating of the people staying at your house and you can take a decision based on that and also they have insurance… I wouldn’t want some random dude coming to my apartment and check what I have and stuff…


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