Off The Beaten Path: 18 Great Coffee Shops in NY’s Outer Reaches

You’ve probably been to every coffee shop in Chelsea, Williamsburg, and Hell’s Kitchen, but we bet you’ve never been to any of these great spots in less frequently visited neighborhoods! This list is for the New Yorker who wants to branch out into someplace new (or who happens to live in one of the neighborhoods mentioned).

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Cream Coffee (Bay Ridge)

Craving a sweet bite? Try a stylish macaroon or a thick doughnut goodness as a well-deserved snack after a good day at work. Maybe add a splash of Stumptown coffee!

Coffee Mob (Flatbush)

Mmm… look at that pourover! Coffee Mob is a cute little spot with great local coffee. 

Pro Tip: order an espresso drink with milk – these guys are basically professional latte artists.

Qathra (Flatbush)

Looking for an offbeat new brunch spot? Well, look no further. Qathra’s food options are o-ut of this world. Try out the cinnamon French toast, blueberry pancakes or house waffles on weekends!

Lark Cafe (Flatbush/Ditmas Park)

All your favourite things in one place – Lark Cafe knows! They’ve got breakfast and lunch, Stumptown coffee, and heavenly baked goods, along with vegan + GF options.

Also check out their weekly schedule – they have a ton of classes and fun events, and their space can be rented out.

Sun House Cafe (Sunset Park)

Lovely open space, isn’t it? Perfect to stop by on a hot day and cool down with a Vietnamese iced latte or a scoop of quality ice cream! It’s conveniently located just by the park, so grab your snack, grab a coffee and make the most of the day.

Parkette Brooklyn (Sunset Park)

Great space for a chat or a candid snap of your bestie, or even a cheeky selfie! Full of sunlight during the day and fairy lights on winter afternoons! Make sure to order one of their great coffees and admire the latte art.

The Coop (Bay Ridge)

The Coop is just cool! They serve breakfast, brunch, sandwiches and coffee, and offer tasty toasts & waffles. There’s also an indoor & outdoor play area for your children (if you have any), whilst you enjoy a sweet break with a brew and a pastry.

Brooklyn Diamond (Midwood)

Brooklyn Diamond is known for their spectacular cold brew, which is available by the bottle in many places, and also their matcha everything. If you ever find yourself in Midwood, their space is really cool. They also have a small outpost in Midtown.

The Bronx

Prince Coffee House (Belmont)

Need some enlightenment and a kick of creativity in your life? Well, make your way to the Prince Coffee House! They’ve got Turkish Coffee and cream puffs, not to mention like a million things hanging from their ceiling. It’s very cool.

Moss Cafe (Riverdale)

Head to Moss Cafe for handmade snacks and treats that are the epitome of deliciousness. Need we say more?

Cafe Buunni (Washington Heights)

Ok you caught us, Washington Heights isn’t actually in the Bronx. It’s close though, just roll with it. Cozy up in Buunni Cafe and try the unique blend with a lavender-infused simple syrup. Their micro-roasted Ethiopian blends are just what the doctor ordered.


Ateaz Organic Coffee & Tea (Kew Gardens)

Ateaz is a great spot with Ethiopian coffee and a wide variety of loose teas. Did we mention fresh cakes from Martha’s Country Bakery? They have that, too.

Panorama Cafe (Jamaica)

Need to chill, wind down and relax? Panorama cafe will take you on a spiritual journey, whilst being served by meditation students of Sri Chimony! The cafe offers some speciality coffees you don’t want to miss out on – from a double shot of ‘Instant Happiness’ to a warm, comforting ’Golden Milk’ with some tumeric, ginger and black pepper.

Blue Cups Cafe (Woodside)

This neighborhood cafe has the ultimate trifecta: quality coffee, fresh pastry and refreshing juices. What else do you need, really?

Aubergine Cafe (Woodside)

Serving Irving Farm coffee since day 1, this great spot boasts delicious food for every meal of the day, plus a treasure trove of vegetarian options.

Rockaway Roasters (Rockaway Park)

The perfect spot to grab some joe on the way to the beach.  Or if you’re not feeling coffee, they offer a variety of organic juices to keep you fresh and energised!

Staten Island

Fab Cup (Staten Island)

This cafe has the most creative variety of healthy acai bowls and freshest coffee on the island. Why not accompany your cold brew or a soy cap with this refreshing Pitaya bowl?

Duzer’s Local (Staten Island)

Grab a friend and enjoy combo of some quality coffee, local market and a community feel on Staten Island! Delight in a cup of Duzer’s local speciality coffee and a sweet snack during your weekly catch up.

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