New CUPS Cafes: December Edition

Ah, December. Let the holiday season begin! With all the shopping you need to do, some caffeine will help. Here are our newest shops:

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New York

Old Country Coffee (Midtown West)

We love the old-fashioned feel of this cafe, and with the new Hudson Yards subway stop, it’s never been more convenient! Make this your new hang while waiting for the bus out of town, going to a conference at Javits, or for a cool, old-timey vibe and great cup of coffee.

Jack’s Stir Brew (West Village- 10th Street, West Village- 13th Street, Greenwich Village & FiDi)

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Coffee is serious business at this growing cult-favorite spot in NY. With organic fair-trade coffee and a patented stir brew method, Jack’s Stir Brewed is a one-of-a-kind coffee joint worth checking out.

Kinfolk 90 (Williamsburg)

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V I B E S ⚡️🌴⚡️ #kinfolk90 #kinfolklife

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Part coffee shop, part brunch spot, part late-night dance club, Kinfolk 90 is the epitome of Williamsburg. They have lots of light and resalvaged wood from the neighborhood, and you’ll find us parked there for a weekend coffee date, or book in hand on Sunday mornings.

Sumner Cafe (Bed Stuy)

With a focus on local ingredients, top notch food, and Counter Culture coffee, Sumner Cafe is a neighborhood joint we can get behind. We’ll be over here sipping a latte and eating an avocado toast.

Champion Coffee (Greenpoint)

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Ready for action ☕️🍪🌹

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At the new flagship location of Champion, you’ll find their locally-roasted coffee from right next door in Queens, as well as pastries and a green, welcoming environment. Plus, homemade granola. Yum.

Commons Cafe (Boerum Hill)

More than just a coffee shop, Commons Cafe is part of Brooklyn Commons, a communal working space and gathering place. With organic, fair-trade coffee, and a full menu (including matcha smoothies), this joint has your coffee fix covered in Boerum Hill.

St. Kilda Coffee (Hells Kitchen)

Simple, understated, and Australian, St. Kilda is Hell’s Kitchen’s newest coffee joint, and we’re digging it. A very welcome addition to the neighborhood, the cool vibe and great java is worth the trip.


The Perch (Brentwood, Green Hills, Westhaven & Downtown)

The Perch’s coffee hails from Zimbabwe– and it’s organic and fair trade, which is the cherry on top to its delicious taste. With lattes like the Campfire and the Chocodamia, plus the neighborhood vibe, you’ll find us here all winter.

The Terminal Cafe (East Nashville)

We love the hot pink coffee bar, the friendly service, and the great coffee at this new East Nashville joint. Insider tip: if you’re hungry, go for the toad in the hole. You won’t regret it.

High Brow Brew (Westhaven)

We love this joint’s smooth coffee and cool, “woodsy” interior. Plus, their coffee is roasted locally and their baristas are as friendly as they are knowledgeable.


The Daily Ration (North Chatt)

With full menus for brunch, lunch, dinner, and even cocktails, The Daily Rotation will be your new go-to for any time of the day. This spot is equally as great for your coffee to go as it is for a full-on brunch date with your friends.

Revelator (North Chatt)

This big, open shop has everything we love: lots of space to spread out, a beautiful minimal design, wonderful friendly service, and, of course, great food and coffee. Well-trained, knowledgeable staff make a cup of joe you’ll be coming back for regularly, and the space is all too inviting!


Cafe at Riverbend (Conshohocken)

The Cafe at Riverbend is attached to a neighborhood bike store, and we might just buy a cup holder for our bike there so we can stop by every time we cycle by! Featuring Greenstreet Roasters, coffee that is dedicated to both top notch quality and responsibility, consider this our new “drive-through.”

San Francisco

Endgame (Oakland)

The cafe sister of a board game shop, we come here for the coffee and stay for the opportunity to play a mean game of [insert your favorite board game here] with a friend. With friendly service and a great cup of coffee, Endgame is the place to be.

Wholesome Bakery (The Mission)

Gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, egg-free… the only thing Wholesome Bakery isn’t free of is delicious baked goods and coffee! Perfect for any friend with an allergy (or even those who don’t have allergies!), stop in for one of their signature cupcakes and wash it down with a java.

Cup Cafe (Glen Park)

Run by the most inviting, warm family, Cup Cafe offers an extraordinary cup of coffee you seriously won’t want to miss. If you are looking for a real treat, go for the Havana latte–we like to enjoy it with an avocado toast.

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