8 Great Coffee Shops In Harlem

We got you covered for Harlem coffee shop hopping. This neighborhood is best known for the Harlem Renaissance, vibrant culture, laid-back vibes, and obviously their killer coffee (just ask Luke Cage).

Manhattanville Coffee

Marble tables + natural lighting = winning over all your Instagrammers. The selection of coffee and pastries here is on point. Their Cranberry and Cream de Cassis Scone is a must try. And yes, we all know the struggle of slow internet and outlet issues but Manhattanville has us covered with high-speed wifi & power outlets. Sweeet!


Caffeine. Yeah, that’s right, what we can’t live without. You could hold me forever… says the Chai latte. Sometimes one cup just won’t suffice. Pour us another please?

Chipped Cup

Can we take a moment to talk about how cute their cups and plates are? Thanks. Seriously, they are. Just the pop of color we need. After you get your drink, head on over to their cute garden! It makes us want to go there again. And again.

Astor Row Cafe

Astor Row is known for its urban and rural decors and owned by two Harlem residents. If you’re craving an alternative to the usual pastries, stop by Astor Row for some delicious coffee, hummus & sandwiches. Oh, and did we mention they have homemade guacamole?

Dear Mama

Dear Mama is a great East Harlem spot that uses beans roasted in Red Hook, and serves them alongside uniquely delicious breakfast sandwiches and other great food. The warm, welcoming space is decorated with cool artwork, and the staff could not be friendlier. All in all, great spot.

Kuro Kuma

Trends change, but coffee will never go out of style. We would enjoy a cup of coffee on these marble tables everyday, if we could. Their minimal aesthetic is also right up our alley.

Lenox Coffee

Now that it’s getting chilly, it’s time for us to bulk up on that winter weight, right? Behold, the epic brunch and coffee here, aka heaven in your mouth. We know you’re craving it.

ACP Coffee

ACP Cafe is one of those pretty coffee shops that simply take your breathe away. Everything is so photogenic here. Also, random fact: one of ACP’s baristas has a tattoo of the chemical structure of caffeine. How cool is that?! If you’re not convinced yet, we don’t know what to tell you.

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