CUPS Guide To Coffee In Chattanooga

Chattanooga’s old-brick charm and variety of cafes make the city a staple for any Tennessee coffee drinker. We rounded up a few of our favorite local shops for you to enjoy.

Camp House

Start your morning off on this big patio in downtown Chattanooga. The variety of breakfast and brunch will make you – aka your stomach – happy. Beans are fresh-roasted by Mad Priest. You can also get their tacos and burgers delivered straight to you! Camp House is a perfect venue for an evening out with friends.

Velo Coffee

Velo Coffee is a hub of information – they are serious about their coffee, and host regular cuppings to teach people the finer points of java connoisseur-ship (made up words are the best kind of words). They also have a location inside of Speed Deluxe, a motorcycle shop – watch out Jane Motorcycles!

Plus Coffee

In Tennessee, hospitality is quite common. At Plus Coffee, it’s a given. The two entrepreneurial owners opened the shop with a motto in mind – “Drink it how you like it.” Enjoy quality drinks tailored to your tastes in a neighborhood as charming as the coffee shop within it.


Bonlife is another remarkable place to enjoy top-notch coffee craftsmanship. If a warm ambience is what you’re looking for, this shop is a must!

The Daily Ration

Now it’s time for some good-looking meals. The Daily Ration is the place to be for brunch and lunch. Yummy food and good drinks in an outdoor setting. Bring your friends and your dogs, they’ll have a great time.

Meeting House

Looking for waffles or pastries? Come to Meeting House, enjoy the sweet time in the oldest building of Red Bank with local Mayfly coffee and Counter Culture espresso. It’s a meeting house, so expect a lot of smiles!

Mean Mug

Mean mug has delicious homemade food, pastries and all the coffee brewing methods you could want – Espresso, Drip, Pour Over, French Press, Kyoto Cold Brew. Find zen while sipping your brew of choice in Mean Mug’s cute garden.

Cadence Coffee

Looking for a nice quiet place to get some work done? A place where baristas know you and you know them? Come check out Cadence for a caffeinated workday in a welcoming, artsy space.


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Well-established coffee brand Revelator has come to Chattanooga, and brings a modern look to the post-industrial architecture. Looking for motivating working-vibes? Come grab a cup of coffee; we promise you’ll love it!

Milk and Honey

Getting cravings for coffee and some fruity flavors? Stop by Milk & Honey; they’ve got popsicles and baked goods too! Milk & Honey is always experimenting with new flavors that will keep you on your toes!


If you need a quiet, calm place to work or chat with friends, come to Chattz. *Spoiler Alert* They have some great coffee too! A seasoned veteran in the coffee scene, Chattz has three locations around Market and Broad Street.


Cozy chairs and coffee, say no more! Not only is the coffee fantastic, they’ve got snacks. Try their superfood-fueled acai bowl – we promise you’ll have a productive day!

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