CUPS Launches In Nashville

Like geese preparing for winter, CUPS is finally heading south, and we are doing so in one of the hottest cities for young people: Nashville.


We’re very stoked about moving into Music City USA! Here are our Nashville launch locations:

Atmalogy (Midtown)

This gorgeous, multi-purpose space is one you will want to spend a lot of time in. With event spaces, wellness-based workshops, healthy food, and great coffee, Atmalogy is a spot worth exploring.

Tin Cup Coffee (Downtown)

Tin Cup Coffee roasts in-house, offering different seasonal single-origin brews, and the quality shows. Enjoy your java with a relaxed, comfortable vibe and couches.

The Jam Coffeehouse (Wedgewood)

A coffee shop with a dedication to supporting local farms and small businesses, organic ingredients, and syrups made in house? Uh, yes please. The Jam Coffeehouse has an incredibly creative menu, including interesting coffee and tea drinks that you’ve never seen before, but will never be able to live without again!

Divine Art Cafe (East Nashville)

This cafe is certainly divine, between the coffee and their mission to support under-served populations. Coffee just tastes better when it’s paired with a charitable cause, no? They also have homemade soups, salads, sandwiches, and desserts. Nom nom.

The Red Bicycle (Germantown & Woodbine)

The Red Bicycle opened with a goal: to treat customers as family. Add on their killer coffee, serene ambience, and perfect crepes, and we have ourselves a winner. Added bonus: they have a perfect Cuban coffee.

Revelator (Hillsborough Village)

With a “no frills, no fuss” policy, Revelator is the real deal if you are serious about your coffee. Sourcing coffee seasonally, this shop lets you choose between purist favorites like pourover coffee, cappuccino, and more. They also feature snacks from local favorites and some of the friendliest baristas in town, in a minimalist, relaxing environment.

Honest Roasters (Franklin and 12 South)

Honest Roasters is hard core about coffee. Roasting their beans in-house, they focus on pour over and espresso, and do it well. The staff is knowledgable about brews and roasts, and can help you find your perfect cup!

Govan’s Salon & Cafe (Gallatin)

Can you name another place that has great coffee, homemade flavored whipped cream, AND a full-service salon? Throw muffins and big, cozy couches into the mix, and Govan’s is starting to sound like the type of place where we could just stay forever.

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