National Coffee Day – Post-Giveaway Roundup

As you may or may not have heard, we ran a giveaway last week on our social media in honor of National Coffee Day, and three lucky winners received one month of CUPS Unlimited for free. Congrats to @itzteensta from Twitter and @harmoniemelody and @dlee426 from Instagram!

(Editor’s Note: The above video shows security camera footage from a typical day in the CUPS office)

We asked you to tell us how you take your coffee, and since we got a lot of great answers, we decided to do a roundup of our favorites.

First off, a lot of you guys seem to have some darkness inside of you:


Luckily, it wasn’t all bleak – this guy hit us with some positivity:

Quite a few of you guys seem to have taken medical-grade caffeine delivery into your own hands (we wouldn’t recommend trying any of this at home):




We found a number of people with oddly specific orders, some of which we definitely need to test here at CUPS HQ:


We like to imagine her flipping tables if the ice cubes aren’t shaped like sharks.



We seriously need to get an office cocktail shaker and start drinking these on the regs. We’ll call it “The Yuqutan.”

A couple really cracked us up:


More people should drink their coffee while jamming out to Bach.

We heard “Black As Moonlight On A Moonless Night” might be the name of the next Pretty Lights album.

Many mugs, indeed.

Thanks to everyone who entered! Keep an eye out for our next giveaway coming soon on our Twitter and Instagram.



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