New CUPS Cafes: August Edition

Dreading the end of the summer? Us too. It’s going to be ok though! We added 14 new shops in New York, San Francisco, and Sacramento to help make these last few weeks as enjoyable as possible! Check them out:

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New York

btwxtd (Prospect Heights)

Btwxtd, pronounced “bih-twikst,” is a brand new coffee shop in Prospect Heights. Though it only just opened, btwxtd is quickly becoming a local standout! Make sure to try one of their sandwiches (courtesy of sister deli HBH) and wash it down with their awesome coffee.

Mr. Moustache Coffee Shop (East Village)

One mustache the question: what could be better than a cup of coffee from Mr. Moustache? Located in Gramercy, this quirky coffee shop does not disappoint. After you gulp down your drink, don’t forget to insta the mustachioed cup!

SugarCube Dessert & Coffee Bar (Long Island City)

In the mood to #treatyoself? Sugarcube offers great coffee AND amazing desserts. Try the cheesecake, or the croissants, or the gelato, or the mousse, or… what were we talking about?

Caribeana (Crown Heights)

You know that feeling when you’re craving empanadas and yuzuade? Ok, we didn’t either. However, one trip to Caribeana will change that. They have great Japanese and Puerto Rican treats and delicious coffee.

Brooklyn Diamond (Midwood)

Summer’s great – it’s probably our favorite season. There’s just one problem: the heat. Enter Brooklyn Diamond. They’ve got some of the best cold brew around and even offer to-go bottles of their ambrosia! Problem solved.

Zabka Cafe (Bed-Stuy)

Another Brooklyn gem! Zabka is a Polish café whose motto is “where the world meets.” On top of the awesome coffee and latte art, you can get unique Polish offerings like perogies.

Brooklyn Kava (Bushwick)

Looking to venture outside of your routine beverages? Brooklyn Kava’s got you. The first kava bar in Brooklyn, they’ve got a wide selection of kava cocktails, in addition to coffee, tea, and pastries.

Panorama Cafe (Jamaica)

This place is the definition of good vibes. Dedicated to fostering a “beautiful, peaceful atmosphere”, Panorama has great coffee, delicious (vegetarian) food, and, most importantly, a super friendly staff.

modcup (Jersey City)

For this shop (or set of shops, really), we’re hopping over to Jersey City. In case two super trendy shops isn’t enough for you, modcup also has a foodtruck! Whichever modcup site you chose for your caffeine fix, one thing is certain: you’re gonna get some awesome coffee from beans they roast themselves!

Bay Area

Evergreen Coffee Co. (San Jose)

This one’s a must. Sure, Evergreen has awesome coffee and delicious food, but it’s also so much more than that. As a family-owned restaurant, Evergreen makes you feel like you’re a real part of their fam.

Mandala Tea House (Los Gatos)

Mandala Tea House has it all: delicious espresso and coffee drinks, a full organic smoothie bar, elixirs, steamers, and over 50 different kinds of loose leaf teas! They’re also connected to a yoga studio if that’s your thing. No pressure if not though – Mandala fosters a welcoming and relaxing environment for everyone.


Rescate Coffee (Elk Grove)

Rescate is a local favorite, and it’s no mystery why. Rescate is a local roaster dedicated to producing quality coffee and providing warm service. Pro tip: try the white mocha – it’s unreal!

Son of a Bean (Old North Sacramento)

Next time you’re looking to appreciate some cool art, skip on the museum and come to SOB (Son of a Bean) instead! This family-owned shop has art all over: paintings adorn the walls, and their espresso drinks feature a variety of latte art designs.

Pachamama Coffee (East Sacramento)

Featuring beans from Peru, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, and Guatemala, this 100% farmer owned coffee shop, is definitely worth checking out. Enjoy amazing coffee and feel good about supporting family farmers!

One thought on “New CUPS Cafes: August Edition

  1. Hey Guys!

    I really love what are you guys building here. It is a shame that I dont live in New York or else I would be all over this.

    Does COPS have any intention to invade Canada? I live in Toronto and we have a huge mix of amazing independent coffee shop (e.g. Sam James Coffee Bar) and I think CUPS would do great here.


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