Commitment Issues? We Got You Covered.

Our customers have been asking us to be more flexible for ages. Being able to buy a pre-paid coffee plan is awesome, you told us, but some of us don’t want that – we want the convenience of CUPS without the commitment.

With these suggestions in mind, we’ve taken away the requirement to buy a plan! You can still use CUPS the same way you always have, but now you have the option of making individual coffee and food purchases too.

What’s New?

Lots of stuff!

No Plan Required: For individual purchases, which we’re calling “Pay As You Go,” you’ll get a flat 15% discount off menu prices on drinks, and can buy food and tip the barista, too. You can also now buy food without buying coffee.


More Control Over Everything: The History and Billing pages have been fleshed out, and after every order, you’ll get a summary of how much money you spent and saved.

Why the changes?

You Asked, We Listened: We’ve talked to a LOT of coffee drinkers over the years, and a huge chunk of them just aren’t interested in committing to a pre-paid plan.

Take Control Of Your Budget: Smart consumerism is also a big thing for us. A lot of people spend crazy amounts of money on coffee each month without even realizing it, and with CUPS, you can see and control exactly how much you’re spending (not to mention saving some). Gone are the days of poring over banking statements and crumpled receipts to try and figure out your budget.


Still not sure what’s going on? Here are some FAQs:

I’m really confused. Where do I go to start using Pay As You Go?

Think of it this way: in the past, if you tried to buy a cup of coffee without a plan, the app wouldn’t let you. Now, you can make that one-time purchase, and you’ll get 15% off the price of your drink.

There’s no page you have to visit to “sign up” for Pay As You Go – if you have a card on your account in the app, it just works, and there’s no plan needed.

How do I order my coffee now?

Pretty much the same as before – choose one of our locations, order from the barista, choose your drink/food/tip from the app’s menu, and then let the barista punch in their code.

What’s different is that you’ll now see prices on drinks, and if you have a plan, included drinks are $0. Once you make your choices, you’ll see the total amount you’ll be charged, plus how much you saved.

I drink a TON of coffee, can I still buy a plan?

Of course! CUPS plans aren’t going anywhere – this is simply an alternative for people with #CommitmentIssues.


I’ve referred one of my friends, what will I get for that now?

The app now works a little bit differently for new users. In the past, they got one free cup to try it out. Now, they’ll get a $5 credit, which can be used on anything but tipping – food, drinks, or a plan. With your referral code, they’ll get an extra $5 on top of that.

On the referrer side, you’ll get $5 when you refer someone, instead of $10. BUT WAIT. Before you send us an angry email about this change, read the next paragraph.

In the past, to get referral credit, you had to talk your friends into spending some of their actual hard-earned money to buy a CUPS plan. Now, all they have to do is make one purchase using some or all of their credit, and you’ll get $5.

Can you picture yourself in a bathtub full of hypothetical digital money, Scrooge McDuck-style? Telling your friends about CUPS = more credit than you know what to do with.


More questions?

Check out our FAQ page for answers, and if they’re not there, hit us up at

We want your feedback!

Seriously. Send us an email, or a message in the app, and tell us what you think. Whether it’s a string of incoherent insults, a borderline-creepy love letter, or something in between, we want to know how you feel.

You can suggest improvements or features we’re missing, recommend new cities or coffee shops, or just send us silly gifs.

Still not using CUPS?

Check out CUPSapp on iOS or Android for even more awesome cafes. 



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