Exploring Sacramento’s Coffee Scene

The capital of the Golden State may not have movie stars, to-die-for beaches, or even a fancy bridge, but Sacramento has some pretty incredible coffee shops! Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of their best:

Temple Coffee

Between the floor made out of pennies, the I’ll-start-my-diet-tomorrow desserts, and the nationally respected coffee, a visit to the Midtown Temple Coffee location is an occasion to remember. You read that right by the way, the floor is made out of pennies. 500,000 of them.

Naked Coffee

With seven locations, including a music venue, dive bar, and, of course, cafes, Naked Coffee is a must-visit. Wherever you end up, one thing is certain – you have to try the Bowl of Soul. According to one yelp reviewer, “the bowl of soul is a magical drink that can cure a sh*tty day, almost as good as a few drams of quality whiskey.” So, yeah. It’s magical.

Insight Coffee

Ever felt a bit out of your comfort zone discussing coffee with a real aficionado? Insight’s got you covered with regular coffee tastings and seminars. Their original location also offers outdoor seating, perfect for enjoying a nice day or pretending to enjoy a nice day while you people watch.

Old Soul Co

These guys keep it simple: great coffee and a warm atmosphere. The owners love what they do and know how to do it right – and it shows!

Rescate Coffee

Ok, you caught us. Technically, this one’s in Elk Grove, not Sacramento. But, we couldn’t help but include it on the list. If the mouthwatering baked goods and coffee aren’t enough of a draw, go for the super friendly staff who make every visit 10/10.

Identity Coffees

Located in Midtown, Identity Coffees offers a dog-friendly environment and even has dog treats available. No word on if there’s also a canine-friendly cortado but you’re guaranteed to have the opposite of a ruff time (sorry).

Vic’s Café

Vic’s Café is an ice-cream-parlor-turned-café located in Land Park. They offer free homemade whipped cream with every beverage. ‘Nuff said.

Pachamama Coffee Cooperative

Pachamama is a coffee shop ahead of its time! Because it’s 100% farmer owned, farmers are empowered to be a part of the coffee process from start to finish and are able to reap the relevant benefits. Pachamama also offers you the opportunity to go around the world in five cups of coffee by offering java from Mexico, Peru, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, and Guatemala!

Shine Sacramento

Live music? Check. Beautiful art? Check. Great coffee? Check yeah!

Son of a Bean Coffee Shop

Son of a Bean is a family-owned coffee shop in Old North Sacramento. For the more musically inclined, Son of a Bean hosts regular open mics and jam sessions. If you’re like us and reserve your singing for the shower, stop by to check out paintings, sculptures, drawings, and photographs from local artists!

Check out CUPSapp on iOS or Android for even more awesome cafes. 

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