CUPS x Spotify: Mellow Hip Hop Vibes

Nothing goes together quite like coffee and music, and this is the second installment in a series of CUPS-curated Spotify playlists to get you into the groove for whatever it is you’re doing while you sip your java. We’ve consulted with our expert team of coffee-addicted musicologists, and we’re going to be playing DJ on the reg.

Last time, we gave you an acoustic playlist for when you’re nestled into a comfy spot on a Monday morning, slowly transitioning back into being a productive member of society. This time around, we’re taking it to the streets – this one’s designed to complement a to-go cup and a long, relaxing walk around your city.

Picture this: You’re working your way through the weekly grind, and it’s a beautiful summer afternoon. Staring out the window at the cloudless sky, you start to get antsy, and you’re not getting a whole lot of work done. You need a breath of fresh air. Grab a pair of headphones, head down to your favorite cafe near the office for a nice, big iced coffee, and then pick a direction and start walking.

This hour-and-a-half-long playlist is full of laid back hip hop tracks that have one thing in common: groovy boom bap backbeats. With music from old school rappers up through the chiller, jazzier producers in the modern electronic scene, this collection will get you vibing while you walk around your hood.

Don’t have Spotify? Listen on YouTube.

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2 thoughts on “CUPS x Spotify: Mellow Hip Hop Vibes

  1. The playlist started strong but I got bored towards the end. (Hey, it’s just my opinion. Nothing special) I like the music that The Elk plays. They’re a super cute coffee place in West Village. Also, I dig tunes from Happy Bones in Soho.


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