California Coffee: South Bay Cafes

The South Bay is home to lots of tech, sunshine, and SURPRISE, coffee! Here’s a glimpse of some of the best roasters, cafes, and bakeries around the area.

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Evergreen Cafe

Evergreen Cafe is a sweet little diner/coffee shop in Wrightwood that has great food, a warm ambience, and outdoor seating. The owner is also running for city council, so we’re pretty much talking about the ideal community-driven cafe.

Voltaire Coffee House

This San Jose hotspot is known for roasting their own beans in-house, serving up delicious Belgian waffles, and concocting all kinds of amazing coffee drinks. Protip, order the following: Nutella Latte and/or a Spanish Latte (sweetened with condensed milk). We recommend getting one of each and double fisting.

Kristi Marie’s

This Redwood City coffee shop is a favorite of local commuters, as it’s across the street from the train station. The owners’ parents and grandparents are also local restaurant owners; homemade baked goods and family-based service are in their blood.

Bellano Coffee

Another family-owned business that is certainly worth checking out. Bellano has three locations throughout the South Bay, all of which are great workspaces with killer latte art and knowledgable staff.

Manresa Bread

Manresa Bread is a bakery/coffee shop in Los Gatos that is known for incredible breads and pastries, aka our dream foods. Born out of the kitchen of the highly acclaimed local Manresa restaurant, Manresa Bread will settle your carb cravings.

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Granola’s Coffee House

Granola’s is a cozy Half Moon Bay cafe known for gorgeous decor, rustic charm, house-made granola, and most importantly, great coffee. Wait did we mention granola?

Bliss Coffee

Located in downtown Redwood City, Bliss Coffee has some of the coolest latte art around, as well as a variety of delicious drinks (including the all-important Nutella Latte). Stop by on a nice day and enjoy some peace and quiet on their shady patio.


If Jackson Pollock-inspired birthday cake truffles don’t capture your attention, we’re at a loss. Chocatoo is an Australian stand in San Pedro Square Market with a variety of scrumptious dessert items that you can pair with your coffee.

Cafe Dio

Cafe Dio is situated across the street from Greek restaurant Dio Deka in Los Gatos, and owned by the same people. They serve Verve coffee, and have an extensive menu of traditional Greek drinks and food (including to-die-for spanikopita).

Red Berry Coffee Bar

This Los Altos location has an impressive, constantly rotating menu of coffee options, and partners with a local art gallery to line the walls with artwork. The attentive staff will help you tackle the often intimidating menu, and there are two floors of indoor and outdoor seating to choose from.

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