Weekend Jitters: April 16th

You made it to Saturday, congratulations.

Here’s a summary of our weekly posts, pics, and gifs. Go grab a weekend latte and enjoy.

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Instagram Hotties

Top Right: The CUPSapp office is getting fancy with coffee-themed decor.  Top Left: Spring is in bloom @ The Lazy Llama, stop in for an amazing cold brew. Bottom:  Ginger Plum tea @ Yours Truly.

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Facebook Favs

Today is #NationalBeerDay (the more you know), and we’re celebrating with a big ol glass of our other favorite keg-stored drink: Nitro Brew Coffee! Give it a try RISE Coffee Company! #CUPSapp

Posted by CUPS on Thursday, April 7, 2016

Usagi for CUPS. Photo credit: Céline Haeberly
Matcha Latte at Usagi

You asked, we listened. We are so excited about our first shop in Dumbo!Welcome aboard, Usagi NY!

Posted by CUPS on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The CUPS team visited the Counter Culture Coffee Training Center NYC for some tasting this morning! Starting Friday with a variety of coffee? Yes please.

Posted by CUPS on Friday, April 8, 2016

From the blog…

Read about Starbuck’s new reward program that’s causing a stir. Hint: customers are not happy. We explored the real reasons why.

large coffee

We made the ultimate pick-me-up: Iced Irish Coffee!
Check out all the new cafes on CUPS in SF, Philly, and NYC.

Usagi for CUPS. Photo credit: Céline Haeberly

If you haven’t already, try out CUPS and get your first coffee for free!  Download the app on iOS or Android. Now go out there and enjoy your weekend!

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