New CUPS Cafes: April Edition

You wouldn’t know it, but apparently spring is upon us! With a new month comes new additions to the CUPS family in our **now three!!!** cities across the country (NYC, Philly, & SF). Check ’em out, grab a coffee, and inaugurate them with your favorite coffee pun (that part is optional, but always appreciated).

You can see a list of all the shops we launched with in SF here, and a full list of CUPS locations everywhere here.

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New NYC/NJ Cafes | New Philly Cafes | New SF Cafes


Woops! BakeShop, Several locations

Woops! is a much loved CUPS cafe, and now they are accepting CUPS at several more locations, including two for you Jersey folk (Willowbrook Mall & Short Hills Mall). The pristine white environment coupled with delicious cookies and baked goods (their macaroons are amazing!) makes Woops! a great spot to sit, relax, read a book, and sip some coffee.

Adventure Cafe, Lower East Side

Adventure Cafe is a special spot. It features Dough doughnuts and Cafe Grumpy coffee, and doubles as a starting point for outdoor and adventurous travel throughout the city (details here). With just a couple cozy tables, this joint may not be your go-to spot for meetings or work, but what other coffee shop can you rent a surfboard at?!

The Lazy Llama Coffee Bar, East Village

From the owners of long-time CUPS cafe Jolly Goat comes the Lazy Llama. With Stumptown coffee and a charming location, what more can we ask for? Oh wait, window seating. Icing on the cake.


This sprawling DUMBO art gallery also houses a Japanese Cafe! It’s generally quiet and a great place to kick back and do some reading or work while enjoying a coffee or matcha. Usagi also features a collection of Japanese teas.


Read and Eat, Mt. Airy and Roxbury

Read and Eat is not only a coffee shop, but  a community hub. With book clubs, free concerts, and theater, this spot is one you are going to want to spend a lot of time at! Did we mention it’s large, full of interesting books, and totally beautiful?

Franny Lou’s Porch, Kensington

Warm and friendly staff, a great cup of coffee, and delicious eats define Franny Lou’s Porch. This cozy spot in Kensington also doubles as a community space with events almost every day of the week including massage therapy, astrology, open mic nights, vision boarding, and more! If you are looking for a side of community with your coffee, this may just be your new favorite spot.


Wildcraft Espresso Bar

Repeat after me: sheep’s milk. Wildcraft Espresso Bar is everything you never knew you needed from a coffee bar: sheep’s milk lattes, bone broth, and even sheep’s milk ice cream! Try something new, it may just be what your morning needed!

Download CUPS on iOS or Android and start visiting our new locations!

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