The CUPS Official Guide To New York’s Best Pie/Coffee Establishments

Math enthusiasts rejoice: Pi Day is upon us! We thought of acute idea: what if we featured coffee shops that have the best pies? Read on to see our 3.14 (plus an extra 1.86) favorites. We promise you to not leave you feeling too obtuse (just pace yourself).

** indicates they are part of the CUPS family using the app available on iOS or Android

Petee’s Pie Company**

Considered one of the best places in NYC to get pie, Petee’s never disappoints. Nestled in the Lower East Side, this place is a pie lover’s paradise. Grab the slice or take home a full pie, or go for both? On Pi Day, calories don’t add up (Full disclaimer: that is not true)! You can even get a Pi Day Pie!!

Four & Twenty Blackbirds

Matcha obsessed? Try it in pie form! Matcha is one of the dozen options at this Brooklyn pie shop. With three categories of pies- custard, fruit, and chocolate- variety is the name of the game. Their pies are so good, they even wrote a book about ’em. Be there or be, well, square (how inappropriate for Pi Day!).

Green Nature Coffee House**

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Field to table coffee + fresh, homemade pie = happiness. If your math skills aren’t up to par, every thing in this delightful, off the beaten path coffee shop is fresh fresh fresh. With happy baristas and a relaxing ambience, count us in for some three berry pie.

Two Little Red Hens

One of my dear friends is a pie aficionado. In fact, she takes a whole day every year to travel around the city and find the best pie! She called out Two Little Red Hens as one of her favorites, and how could I disagree? This bakery is full of beautiful and delicious things, including five types of pie. Sticking to the original types of pies that everyone knows and loves (pecan, chocolate pecan, cherry, apple, and apple crumb) this bakery on the Upper East Side really knows how to get to the (square) root of pie-goodness. The only division necessary here is figuring out who gets the leftovers.

Billy’s Bakery**

New Yorkers LOVE Billy’s Bakery, and for a good reason: everything they sell adds up to perfection. With creative options like peanut butter chocolate pie, turtle pie, grasshopper pie, and coconut cream pie among many others, you’ll enjoy every bite until you scrape the plate.

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