5 Great NYC Valentine’s Date Ideas For Coffee Lovers

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Still figuring out what to do for your coffee-loving significant other? I scooped up five great dates you can make happen by Sunday!

If you’re not a CUPS user already, on Valentine’s Day only, you can get two free cups of coffee* for downloading the app (instead of the usual one). Our team couldn’t resist playing Cupid this year, so check out the app and take somebody special out on one of the dates below!

A stroll through Central Park

Call me old-school, but I think there are few things more romantic than a stroll through Central Park. The quintessential NYC date, it’s perfect for budding romances and married couples alike. Start at the Southeast corner, grab a java or hot chocolate from the Wafels and Dinges cart, and stroll until you are completely lost (in the park and in conversation!).

Self-Guided Coffee Tour

Not for the sensitive to caffeine, explore NYC while tasting great coffee along the way. With five stops, this self-guided tour shows you some of the most famous NYC coffee shops. In a different neighborhood or interested in some different options? The CUPS app has a map option as well so just zoom into a neighborhood and pick five cafes to test out! Note: you may want to swap out coffee for tea or hot cocoa by the end, or else you may be wired!

Counter Culture Training classes

While they don’t have any classes on Valentine’s Day itself, this gift is perfect for your significant other who is getting serious about all things coffee. From espresso fundamentals to brewing techniques, milk mechanics and cupping fundamentals, give the gift of coffee education and training to the one you love!

Royal Palm’s Brooklyn Chocolate Takedown!

As you likely know about me by now, I believe chocolate is the ultimate complement to coffee. From 12noon to 2pm at Royal Palm Shuffleboard in Brooklyn, $20 entitles you to unlimited chocolate from “amateur” chefs. Before you go, stop by nearby Konditori for a nice caffeine buzz, and afterwards you can enjoy shuffleboard!

Read, relax, and enjoy

It’s a pretty crazy idea, but my last one is simple: go offline for the day. Enjoy spending time with your significant other in real life, without the distractions of phones or computers. Go to your favorite coffee shop, read a book, ask each other the 36 questions you need to fall in love, and just unwind. Sometimes it just takes a mindful moment or day to be grateful for what you have!

Don’t forget that new CUPS users can score two free cups of coffee* on us if they download the app on Valentine’s Day! Even if you’re already one of us, your significant other or that special someone you’re crushing on might not be. What better way to get to know them than a free coffee date?

*Offer only valid for users who are signing up for CUPS for the first time.


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