New city, who dis? CUPS takes Philly!

Think of this as a birth announcement. We welcome with love, Philadelphia. Our new bundle of joy arrived on Tuesday, February 2nd to the CUPS app. We are joyous, proud parents. Let us introduce you to our newest family members…


Bodhi Coffee

410 S. 2nd Street & 263 S. 10th Street


Bodhi is a mega cutie. Bright windows, flourishing greenery, smiling faces, and, wait for it… bagels topped with goat cheese, honey, and walnuts. Pair that lip smacker with a pour over and you’re in business.

 Cake and the Beanstalk

1112 Locust St

IMG_3478 (1)

Welcome to Cake and the Beanstalk, where you’ll be greeted with the smell of fresh baked goods including, well, cake! Settle down in their reading nook (yes, reading nook) with your classic cuppa and a slice of something sweet.


Customs Coffee House

211 Chestnut St


A quick scroll through the Customs Coffee House Yelp page and you’ll read many stories about their friendly, accommodating staff AND killer drinks. This is the place to knock out a few hours of work without feeling like you’re getting the stink-eye from the barista.

Greenstreet Coffee Co.

1101 Spruce St


Greenstreet Coffee Co. has that hidden gem vibe with the flavor to match. If you still haven’t tried a Dirty Chai, 1. Why not? and 2. Get one at Greenstreet! Delish. Keep it in mind for the summer too, they have plenty of outside seating (perfect for people-watching).


Happily Ever After

230 Market St


If you have a sweet tooth, Happily Ever After is your zone. If you have a sweet tooth AND you’re a movie buff, you’re going to move in for good. Drink your coffee among one of a kind Hollywood inspired art, Simson’s action figures, and Disney pillows. Oh and did we mention the frozen yogurt dispensers?


High Point Cafe (two locations)

602 Carpenter Lane and 7210 Cresheim Rd
Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 3.17.25 PM
Source: @HighPointCafe on Instagram

High Point Cafe is rockin, and don’t just take our word for it. Check out their Yelp reviews! Including “This place has the best coffee I’ve ever tasted.” and “The best service I’ve ever received at a coffee shop.” Give it a try!

Jasani Cafe

814 S 9th St


Step in Jasani Cafe for a caffeine fix and a shopping spree. Rows and rows of fresh beans, ready to be ground up and taken home. They roast right downstairs so make sure to take some deep breaths and fill your lungs with that sweet coffee aroma.


PHARMACY: coffee//gallery//music

1300 S. 18TH ST


PHARMACY is rad to say the least. This cafe/venue duo is always up to something fun. Want to listen to an underground indie band while drinking a great cup and (probably) petting the friendly pup that often hangs out? You’re in luck!


OCF Coffee House (four locations)

2100 Fairmount Ave & 1745 South Street & 2001 Federal Street & 2930 Chestnut Street


OCF Coffee House has four locations to choose from, meaning you can do a coffee crawl that’s strictly OCF. They’re a perfect blend of cozy and contemporary. And speaking of perfect blends, try their joe.


P.S. & Co.

1706 Locust St


P.S. & Co., also known as The Only Place in Philly You can Get a Brazil Nut Milk Latte. Okay don’t quote us on that, but it’s certainly unique. Everything is fresh, healthy, and full of flavor. Seating is abundant, so it’s a great lunch spot too!


Square One Coffee

249 S 13th St & 1811 JFK Blvd


Square One can be instantly identified by their bright, screaming yellow espresso machine. Have a date? Start at Square One. But really, the open spaces and bright light is a go-to for meet ups and chatting.


Anthony’s Italian Coffee

903 S. 9th Street


Welcome to Rome! Well, welcome to Anthony’s Cafe (pretty much the same thing). Enjoy fresh breakfast and homemade lunch options along with your latte.  Anthony’s is what they call an OG, it’s been around and family owned for over 20 years!

Are you still using cash at your cafe? Not on our watch. Download CUPS on iOS or Android and go get caffeinated!


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