Let Philly Fill Your Coffee Cravings

You could probably walk to your favorite coffee shop while blindfolded. Who are we kidding, you could walk to your coffee shop blindfolded, backward, AND while dodging flaming cannonballs. You’re just that good at your morning routine. Let’s switch it up!

CUPS planned your mini-vacation to Philadelphia — we’ll show you the hot spots with the hottest drinks. Take a peek at this helpful, handpicked guide to the best coffee in the Birthplace of America. We hope you’re thirsty!

Reanimator Coffee

1523 E Susquehanna and 310 Master St.

To start off, we’re bringing you over to Fishtown for a classic cup. Welcome to Reanimator Coffee. Bright light, comfortable seating, wifi, outlets, oh my.


The menu consists of nothing too fancy, no bells and whistles, just a mouthwatering, perfectly prepared blend o’ beans. Grab a small cup to go for only $2 and get your buzz on. You won’t regret it.

United By Blue

144 N. 2nd St.

Next get ready for some hip people, rad clothing, and killer coffee. United By Blue isn’t just a cafe and a shop, it’s a movement. “We’re a collective of explorers, artists, and trailblazers who want to protect the outdoors for future generations.” Um, perfect. You will not be disappointed when visiting their flagship store at

After you enjoy your drink, head to the back of UBB for a little sustainable shopping. And get this, for every item you buy, they pledge to remove a pound of trash from the ocean. Get to it!

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 3.50.19 PM
United By Blue’s storefront.

The Monkey & The Elephant

2831 W. Girard Ave.

Let’s head to Brewerytown. Welcome to The Monkey & The Elephant.This is a coffee shop on a mission. By employing youth who recently aged out of foster care, The M & E program provides each participant with the skills needed to tackle the world as an independent. The M & E “supports former foster youth through great coffee.” Now THAT is an idea we’ll raise our mugs to. Cheers!

Ox Coffee

616 S 3rd St.

Ox Coffee will provide a swift kick in the, well, you know. Their famously strong, Stumptown roasted brew will wake you right up. Grab a hot latte and a show-stopping oatmeal cookie by Wild Flour Bakery and you’re all set for a serious treat.

Word on the street is your coffee will be accompanied by the classic sound of spinning vinyl. They play records!


207 S Sydenham St.

Next up, Elixr. This isn’t your average joe. Step into the bustling atmosphere and hope you’re one of the lucky ones (meaning you find a seat). And hey tea fans, we didn’t forget about you! How does an oolong chai sound? AMAZING. Also take note of your surroundings, Elixr is known for their exquisite wood grain decor… hard to miss.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 11.12.02 AM
I wasn’t kidding about the wood grain at Elixir. Stunning.


1900 South 15th St. and 2149 Catharine Street.

Was that a yawn I heard? Not on our watch. It’s Ultimo time. Grab one of their top-notch goodies (we recommend one of Dottie’s Donuts) and a shot of Bonta. Did you bring your laptop? Ultimo has big tables and clean light, so it’s a crowd favorite for getting work done.


410 S. 2nd St. and 263 S. 10th St.

You’re craving a pour-over, I can tell. Philadelphia Magazine calls Bodhi, our next stop, “as comfortable as a broken-in pair of boots” and we agree! One of the top Yelp reviews is actually just a 3 paragraph ramble on how amazing their bagels are. So you have to give them a try.

Peddler Coffee

2100 Spring St.

Peddler Coffee. This place is such a find. Just enough off the beaten path to be your little secret. We were instantly captivated with their style — dark and sharp. You have to see for yourself. Take a peek at their coffee packaging:

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 9.35.26 AM


18 South 3rd St.

Welcome to Old Town! Next shop is Menagerie and you’re going to want to get a cold brew. Smoother than smooth. Pair it with a hot-off-the-grill sandwich. You’ll thank us for the introduction.

Cloud Coffee

2001 N 13th St.

It’s always cloudy in Philadelphia? Yep! Cloud Coffee isn’t like any other coffee shop. It’s on wheels. This mobile coffee destination is owned by two pretty cool artists. Anyone who makes art AND coffee is a friend of ours.

Greenstreet Coffee Co.

1101 Spruce Street

Greenstreet Coffee Co.‘s Yelp reviews contain nearly every positive adjective you could possibly use to describe coffee: excellent, prime, fresh, absolutely perfect…  Looks like their “seed to cup” roasting mentality is paying off! Check them out for yourself.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 2.17.13 PM

How was your taste of Philly? Let us know by sharing your images — tag @cupsapp and #cupsapp so we can check out your trip! And if you haven’t already, download CUPS for Andriod or iOS. First cup is on us!

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