National Coffee Day, a.k.a. Did somebody say FREE COFFEE?

It’s National Coffee Day! I mean, it’s really the best “National __(insert random food here)___ Day,” because let’s be honest — coffee is the most necessary food group of the day. We’re here to get the party started!

Coffee Day is an annual event observed on September 29th! The popularity of coffee transcends cultural and geographical boundaries.

This day is also used to promote fair trade coffee and to raise awareness around the work of coffee growers. While many places offer discounts or deals, CUPS is offering the best deal of all — FREE COFFEE! From 3pm — 5pm today (September 29th) we are going to make it rain… as in, rain coffee! Free-flowing caffeine will be available at all CUPS locations. We believe in free coffee for all, so as long as you have CUPS app then you are golden!


  • When: September 29th (Monday), 3pm-5pm
  • Where: All CUPS coffee shops
  • How: If you have a CUPS plan then it won’t subtract a cup when you drink and if you don’t have a plan then you are still in luck – just download the app and use it to redeem a drink at participating locations.
  • Who: Anyone with CUPS app on their phone!

You probably want to share this awesomeness with someone, so share this blog post and get to drinking! After all, coffee is best consumed in good company!


Q: What if I don’t have a CUPS plan yet?
A: No sweat! Just download CUPS and all of your drinks purchased through the app are FREE this week (at the daily participating CUPS locations only).

Q: What if I already have a CUPS per-cup plan?
A: YAY! We’re so happy that you are already a CUPS-lover! To thank you, you can get free drinks at the participating locations and still maintain your current CUPS balance.

Q: What if I already have an unlimited plan?
A: Great! That means you’ve already been having birthday drinks with us, AND you are not limited to only the daily free CUPS locations- you can drink at ANY CUPS location! If you currently subscribe to the basic unlimited plan, great news- you can get any premium drink at the participating free CUPS locations!

Q: Do I need to enter my credit card information?
A: No! Absolutely no payment information is necessary to participate.



We’re giving away tickets to the Craft Coffee Festival happening this weekend at Villain in Williamsburg. If you want to snag a free entrance then take a shot (pun intended) of yourself at a CUPS coffee shop, post it to Instagram, and tag #CUPSApp and #CUPSCraftCoffee.

We will choose winners by Wednesday!


Don’t have CUPS app yet? Get with it! Download it on iOS or Android and go explore!

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