This is the only thing that will comfort you about summer ending.

Alas. All good things come to an end. Labor Day has passed. We’ve all clutched our cups of cold brew and joined the masses at Rockaway Beach to try to squeeze in the last ounces of summer.

We alI love a good cup of coffee in the morning, and it can often save our lives. Lately though, I’ll be honest — I’ve been needing a bigger pick-me-up to cheer me up at the end of summer. And what better than CHOCOLATE AND COFFEE?!  Here are a handful of our favorite coffee treats you can find around NYC, and they just might make you melt in a better way than NYC in mid-September. As they say, “a new survey has revealed that 9 out of 10 people like chocolate. The tenth lies.”

Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans

My coworkers literally had to rip these from my hands because I was shaking from consuming too many, and therefore, too much caffeine! Wait. Is there such a thing? Okay, you’re right, I’m going to buy more as soon as I finish this handful.

The perfect balance between coffee and chocolate (does it get any better?), these small treats are an oldie-but-goody in the coffee snack category. I recommend the espresso beans from Jacques Torres. And did I mention they are high in antioxidants? I call that #winning. I didn’t even have to eat any fruit or veggies.


Delicious lady finger cookies soaked in espresso topped with chocolate and whipped cream? Uh, yes, count me in! I learned how to make tiramisu in Italy, and have been hooked ever since. Some of the spots most famous for their tiramisu in NYC include Fiat Café, Eataly, and Armani Ristorante to name a few. Go bathe yourself in some deliciousness since beach season is over.

Choco-ccinino Cupcakes

NYC is swarming in cupcake shops but my favorite in the city is Molly’s Cupcakes in the West Village. Molly’s has so many amazing flavors to choose from including their Choco-ccinino cupcake, a chocolate cake with espresso ganache filling and dulce de leche buttercream frosting topped off with chocolate covered espresso beans (YUM). Read that again. Who can say no to that?! My best advice: run, don’t walk, to get one of these!

Mocha Cookies

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Using real coffee is the key to any delicious coffee treat, and One Girl Cookies does not disappoint. Their CEILA cookie features a mocha cream filling made with real coffee between two delicious chocolate wafers. These cookies are well worth the venture to Brooklyn to pick up.

Coffee Caramel Pull Apart Éclair

Dominique Ansel hit it big with his cronut, and now his newest restaurant, Dominique Ansel Kitchen, continues to wow with all types of unique savory and sweet items. One of my favorites was the Coffee Caramel Pull Apart Éclair. Basically a profiterole stuffed with coffee pastry cream, it’s hard to dislike this rich, creamy goodness.


Don’t forget, many CUPS locations have great chocolate drinks and items to entice you. Just some examples –

Not to mention our many coffee shops that offer regular mochas and hot chocolates!

Don’t have CUPS app yet? Get with it! Download it on iOS or Android and go explore!

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