CUPS Presents: Best NY Coffee Cup Awards

Sometimes all you need is a little pick-me-up. Whether that’s your morning brew, an afternoon sweet treat or a fun, uplifting message on your coffee cup, these shops—some of our favorites here at CUPS—have got you covered. We proudly present… *drum roll please*… the coolest coffee CUPS of NY (and one for L.A.—because sometimes we need to get some beach time, too). We just ask that you hold your applause until the end, please.

Best Design:
Café Integral

Like most New Yorkers, we’re suckers for good logo design.

Location: SoHo/NoLita (Canal St. J, 6, N, Q, R)
We recommend the: Olivia, a special iced coffee blend

Cutest Mascot:
The Jolly Goat

We’ll bet you 20 bucks and a latte that you’ll have one of those “d’aw, so cute” moments when you see the cups at Jolly Goat. If you don’t, you probably have no soul. Seriously.

Location: Hell’s Kitchen (50th St. A, C, E)
We recommend the: Stumptown Cold Brew

Coolest New York-Centric Design:
Ground Central

We love the play off GCS on Grand—whoops, GROUND Central’s cups.

Locations (2): Midtown East (42nd St. and Lexington Av/53rd St. E, M)
We recommend the: House Drip

Most Original:
Express Yourself Barista Bar

Because coffee puns are the best. Obviously.

Location: Bushwick (Central Ave. M)
We recommend the: Vanilla Latte

Most Classic:
Sit & Wonder

You’ll find the classic Anthora paper coffee cup, an icon of New York City, at Sit & Wonder in Fort Greene. Reminds us of the good ol’ days…

Location: Prospect Heights (Park Pl. S)
We recommend the: Housemade Almond Milk Latte

Most Diverse:

We sadly can’t feature ALL the awesome Spiegel cups. But here’s one we really love. #truth

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Gingi has a lot to say

A post shared by 26 1st Ave New York City (@spiegelnyc) on

Location: East Village (2nd Ave. F)
We recommend the: Cafe Mocha

Most Creative:
Alfred Coffee & Kitchen (L.A.)

OK, LA. We’ll hand it to you. Alfred’s usual cups coin one of the most recognizable mantras (“But First, Coffee”). But they also serve espresso from an edible cup, a chocolate-dipped WAFFLE CONE. Because who wouldn’t want coffee served out of a waffle cone?

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