Using Coffee to Find Love in Manhattan

In New York City, there is a lot of dating that goes on. The possibilities for dates are endless: restaurants, bars, museums, parks, Tinder-swiping slumber parties… but what about coffee shops? Read on for some of our favorite romantic spots in Manhattan.

Nice and Sweet Cafe at Play


Implications aside, this hip coffee shop and bar is attached to the Museum of Sex. (OK, sometimes you can’t just take out the implications of something!) Much like a mullet, it does the coffee-selling business in the front while a library doubling as a bar is snuggled deep inside as the obligatory “party in the back.” With a fun seating arrangement, this is a great place to grab a coffee first and make the clutch transition to the library later. The only disappointment in the establishment might be that the coffee items—available on CUPS — aren’t as cleverly labeled as the rest of the menu. After all, a banh mi sandwich at Play is retitled, “Bang Me” (We’re not joking.) If this isn’t a banging first date, we don’t know what is.

Bluestone Lane Collective

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 9.55.42 AM

Bluestone Coffee and Cafe is a lovely spot with a intimate backroom and adorable garden. With a selection of delectable Australian coffee and food, this spot works well for both a date or a power lunch. Landing here, perhaps after a walk down the High Line, could literally lead you anywhere -— head north, you’re at Village Green and a block off The Standard (and more importantly, the Biergarten at The Standard); head south, you’re in the most romantic rows of townhouses in the country. It’s the perfect spot to land whether you’re on the go or wanting to take a rest —- just make sure you’ve got your camera ready for whatever comes after.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters @ The Ace Hotel

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 9.58.04 AM

Stumptown’s known around its West 8th St. location for its brew bar (daily tastings are free at 2PM!) and dedicated approach to roasting: well, surprise—they’ve also attained a location right inside the swanky Ace Hotel. The Ace Hotel, at a glance, is a cozy excuse to sit down and get to understand how New York might meet Portland, if it were to ever happen. Both Stumptown and Ace are Portland-based operations, bringing a localized feel to one of the most industrial parts of the city on 29th St. The menus are neatly hand-written, the baristas dress to express and nearly every knowledgable customer there looks like a client at Rudy’s down the street. Simply put, head down to Stumptown confident and prepared and everything will be in good hands.

whynot Bistro

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 9.59.39 AM

With three outposts in the city, we frequent whynot’s West Village “bistro” location. During the day this coffee shop features delicious pastries made on site, and huge windows that open up when the weather allows. Stop by during a breezy summer day for a more cordial date. And at night, whynot transforms into a bistro and jazz club! Come for a coffee, stay for some tunes.

Bees’ Knees Baking Co.

bees knees

Bees’ Knees Baking Co. in Gramercy is the perfect, intimate coffee shop to explore both bakery treats and your date. Get to know your special someone over great coffee and adorable cake-truffles. Like a good amount of our choices here, the atmosphere shifts at night at Bees’ Knees, transforming into a wine bar once the sun sets as well. And isn’t that the perfect transformation for any date as well?

Ground Central


Ground Central’s Midtown hub at 52nd St. doesn’t feel glossy or detailed in the exterior sense. It’s a coffee shop with a witty name and an unassuming logo, so the spacious and alluring speakeasy-like library beyond the counter inside is an even bigger surprise to first-time visitors. There’s a variety of seating in the library so you can determine just how intense you want your date to be —- there are wide couches with coffee tables, corner armchairs, a love seat, and multiple tables (so take your pick, ladies and gentlemen). And true to the word, the library also has a great book selection… so if your date leaves you, perhaps you can read “How To Win Friends and Influence People” for next time.

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