10 Coffee Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Right Now

Just in time for a relaxing summer, we are giving you the scoop on the best coffee Instagram accounts you need to be following right about now. You’ll even find an Instagram or two devoted to the CUPS coffee shops themselves. Plus a really cool barista (that we secretly want to be).

Grady’s Cold Brew (@gradyscoldbrew)

Brewed and bottled by hand in Brooklyn, N.Y., Grady’s Cold Brew is a favorite to many New Yorkers. Grady’s Instagram feed is filled with sunsets over a hip factory space, friendly features of Grady’s staff and, of course, delicious cold brew shots that will probably make you want a cup ASAP.

Counter Culture Coffee (@counterculturecoffee)

Okay, I must admit that I featured this account because of my southern roots. You won’t blame me after you see the Instagram page for Counter Culture, a Durham, North Carolina-based roasting company (shoutout to all my N.C. people)! Counter Culture is unique in its offering of accessible training locations in 7 cities that teach anyone interested in the production of coffee the fundamentals of preparing and serving.

Spreadhouse Coffee (@spreadhousecoffee)

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Grind, ground, grand!

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A new kid on the block to the N.Y. coffee scene is Spreadhouse Coffee. And we welcome them with open arms, thanks to a super friendly staff and roomy, cozy space in the Lower East Side. Spreadhouse’s Insta feed may be new(ish), but we’re already catching onto the shop’s high quality, “tasteful” pics. We’re rooting for you, Spreadhouse!

Blue Bottle Coffee (@bluebottle)

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Officially ready for the weekend #allaboutNOLA

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One thing Blue Bottle won’t skimp on: a well-crafted, quality cup of coffee. And they’ve got an Instagram account to back it up. Coffee done right is beautiful. And Blue Bottle has certainly mastered the beauty of a good cup – and a fresh Instagram.

Sweatshop NYC (@sweatshop_nyc)

Bask in the glory of Sweatshop’s simple, gorgeous Instagram. One of the best things about Sweatshop’s feed: it’s a perfect mix of coffee shots, random graphics, food shots (yum) and more. For such a small space in Brooklyn, we are amazed at how Sweatshop highlights its space via beautiful light and composition.

Yoyoha (@yoyoha)

Cartoonist Josh Hara uses the back of coffee cups as his canvas. He paints anything and everything on them instead of throwing them away like the rest of us. He features his illustrations, anything from comics, spoofs and paradies to simple graphics, on his “colorful” Instagram account. It’s truly a masterpiece.

Coffee Cups of the World (@coffeecupsoftheworld)

I found the Coffee Cups of the World Instagram account after exploring hashtag #coffee one day. I kept browsing. I was amazed at some of the shots. It’s inspiring to see how unique, clean, beautiful or even quirky coffee cups around the world can be.

Junichi Yamaguchi (@junichi_yamaguchi)

Junichi Yamaguchi is the barista that we (not so) secretly want to be. He is famous in the barista world, having traveled the globe teaching latte art clinics. Check out Yamaguchi’s page and you’ll not only be amazed by his latte creations, but won over by his fierce pet Italian greyhound. #adorable

Men and Coffee (@menandcoffee)

I would say “this one’s for you, ladies”… but let’s be real, this one’s for everyone.

CUPS  (@cupsapp)

Shameless push? Probably. Legit backing (and Instagram account) to support the claim? Definitely.

Don’t have CUPS app yet? Get with it! Download it on iOS or Android and go explore!

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