10 Coffee Applications You Didn’t Know About

You’re never without a cup of coffee in hand, but have you ever thought of what other wonders (beside caffeinating and general deliciousness) your favorite brew could bring? If so, you’re not the first to consider the many uses for coffee aside from being a staple drink. Take your love for coffee beyond the mug with these ten special uses for coffee.

1. Face Exfoliator


Skip the pricey store-bought exfoliators and repurpose your used coffee beans into a secret beauty trick. Simply take a scoop of used, ground coffee beans and scrub them onto your face for a homemade, refreshing facial scrub. Mix with sugar for an added exfoliating effect!

2. Home Decor

coffee decorMake sure your guests know just how important coffee is to you. Fill up vases or bowls with whole coffee beans (a perfect use for stale beans!) for a tasteful touch in any room. Plus, they’ll give the space a rich coffee aroma.

3. Paint

A painting made with coffee by Karen Eland. As she says on her Etsy site,

Imagine this image: coffee in one hand, a paintbrush in the other. Like the thought of it? Skip a step and dip your brush into your mug – coffee on thick-stock paper creates a smooth, watercolor-esque blend.

4. Air Freshener

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 12.52.49 PM

Have you ever forgot about the milk tucked away in your fridge, and had to deal with the smelly consequences? Just place a bowl of coffee beans in the fridge and let it sit there for a day or two. The beans with absorb the bad smell and replace it with your favorite smoky coffee bean scent. Try this in the bathroom and car, too!

5. Coffee Can Grill

cangrillHere’s one I’m anxious to try: take a coffee can and use a sharp knife to cut slatted holes in the bottom. On the other end, cut a hole big enough to put put twigs or paper inside. Carefully use a lighter to light the objects inside. Once the slatted end is heated up, you can use it to cook burgers or veggies. You can also remove the end altogether and place a small pot or a grill plate over the opening. Use your head on this one and have some fire protection handy!

6. Compost Agent

Step up your gardening game with help from your trusty coffee sidekick. Add ground coffee beans to your compost pile — the beans will act as a superstar compost agent to speed up the process.

7. Insect/Pet Repellant


There are more ways than one to spread coffee love to your garden! For a natural repellent, try sprinkling used, ground coffee beans in your garden to deter insects, ants, and your neighbor’s pets. The acidity of the coffee will keep them away!

8. Furniture Touch Up


If your furniture is looking a little run-down, this one is for you. Try mixing instant coffee with a very little bit of water for a thicker paint, which is perfect for touching up nicks in wooden furniture post-party or post-move!

9. Stake Rub


Ever thought to integrate coffee beans as your next secret ingredient? Check the web for some amazing recipes for special steak rubs made with coffee beans. The product should be a rich, smoky flavor emanating from the steak that’ll have you coming back, over the over.

10. Hair Product


Skip the mayonnaise and raw eggs and try brewed coffee as your next natural hair glossifier. Simply brew a strong pot of coffee, and once it’s cool, apply it like shampoo and work it into your hair. Let it sit for about a half hour, and then rinse for a shiny, fresh head of hair!

There are tons of other ways to ensure coffee is integrated into all your daily activities, so be sure to check out these articles, which also helped create this CUPS Blog post!

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