10 Coffees from Around the World You NEED to Try

They say the world is united by humanity’s love for joy, laughter, and good will. They forgot to mention our universal love of caffeine. Various countries have their own unique coffee culture that go way beyond the average “Grande with room for milk,” and we’re here to introduce you to some.

1. Australia

Drink- Iced Coffee

Since the introduction of the flat white by Starbucks, Australia is finally being recognized as true contributor to the coffee world. However, you can’t talk about Australian coffee without recognizing their ice coffee. The drink, which consists of cold brew, ice cream, syrup, and occasionally whipped cream, has been popular since the late 20th century thanks to the company “Farmers Union”. Today it continues to be the largest drink sold in southern Australia, and is one of the few places in the world where a milk based drink outsells Coca Cola. It’s a delicious twist on a classic summer favorite.

Where to get it: Sweatshop has a wonderfully authentic version.


2. Cuba

Drink- Cortadito

This drink has many names, but what ever you name it, it tastes good. So good in fact, that it’s been referred to a straight up addictive (the Kardashians agree). The drink is similar to a Cortado, except that it uses cuban espresso and is usually served in a glass with a metal wire handle. It was (luckily) brought to the US by Cuban-Americans in the 1960s and has been popular as an everyday drink through out Miami ever since. Who needs a Cortado when can have a  #DailyCortadito ?

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3. France

Drink- Cafe Au Lait

A classic that can be found in pretty much every cafe in the world, Cafe Au Lait is French for “Coffee with Milk”. The milk and coffee a both served hot, sometimes with milk foam on top. It differs from a latte in that the base is coffee, not espresso, so some people like it better.

Where to get it: Everywhere, but Lena has a great one!


4. Greece

Drink- Frappe

This drink, which consists of foam, ice cubes, cold water and instant coffee never truly made its mark here in the US. It is one of the most popular summer drinks in both Greece and Cyrpus, and can be found in pretty much every cafe there. The drink itself was founded by a representative for Nestle in Greece who couldn’t find hot water, so just used cold water instead. He realized it was delicious and decided to market it.

Where to get it: Commissary Market offers its American cousin, the Frappachino.


5. Hong Kong/Malaysia

Drink- YuanYang

This tasty Hong Kong beverage is made of coffee, and Hong Kong Style milk tea (essentially black tea and condensed milk) remains one of the most popular drinks in both Hong Kong and Malaysia. The term YuanYang is a refers to Mandarin ducks who travel in married pairs (how cute) the same way this drink utilizes the paring of coffee and tea. The drink has been gaining traction in the US with a 1:1 iced coffee, iced tea ratio. Kind of like an Arnold Palmer for caffeine addicts.

6. Ireland

Drink- Irish Coffee

Ok, so this isn’t a drink you have when you wake up in the morning and have while you’re getting ready for work. Hopefully. This coffee-cocktail consists of Irish whiskey, hot coffee, cream, and brown sugar and makes an excellent drink for a cold winter night. Having originated from County Limerick in Ireland, it was served to American travelers in the 1940s who needed something to warm them in the cold Irish winter.

Where to get it: While the drink isn’t available on the CUPS app, you might want to try Coffee/Bar combos such as The West (who is a member of the CUPS family).


7. Italy

Drink- Espresso

Another classic, this drink is the base of everything coffee. It’s made by forcing high pressure boiling water through finely ground coffee beans, and we love it. The espresso machine was invented by Angelo Moriondo in 1884, and improved by Milanese Luigi Bezzera in 1901. The drink gained popularity in the US when it was brought over by Italian immigrants.

Where to get: Anywhere, but we love D’Amico’s. They’ve been roasting their own beans since 1948, 20 years after the founder, Emanuel D’Amico emigrated from Sicily.


8. Japan

Drink- Kyoto Coffee

Ok, so this technically isn’t as much a coffee drink as it is a way to make coffee, but it’s pretty cool so it has to be included. This style of brewing includes a large glass cylinder, connected to another glass cylinder, and the coffee drips through it. It was popularized in coffee shops in Kyoto, Japan, thus giving it the name “Kyoto coffee”.

Where to get it: Ramini Espresso Bar, Nolita Mart and Espresso Bar

9. Mexico

Drink- Cafe de Olla

This traditional coffee is made with water and coffee, but also includes cinnamon and a form of hardened cane sugar known in Mexico as piloncillo. The drink is traditionally brewed and served in earthen clay pots and is usually consumed in rural areas.

Where to get: While Cafe De Olla isn’t served at any CUPS locations, Beaner Bar offers an extensive list of Mexican inspired coffees! (Many of which include chocolate- so, yes please).

10. Nordic Countries

Drink- Black Coffee

Also not technically a drink, but none the less it deserves to be mentioned because of Scandinavia’s dedication to coffee. Like, real dedication. Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway are all in the top 10 for most coffee consumption per-capita (the United States is number 16). In addition to this hardcore commitment, in most places you drink the coffee black! As they say in Denmark, “Folk elsker kaffe!”

Where to get it:  Konditori


Honorable Mention- Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the real MVP when it comes to coffee. Often described as “the best coffee in the world”,  you can’t go too long without having a cup of Ethiopian roasted coffee.

Where to get it: Cafe Buunni roasts their own beans, so you’re gonna get the real stuff. You can also munch on some Injera, a traditional Ethiopian bread, while you sip your coffee.

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