You Asked. We Delivered! Iced coffee joins the CUPS basic plan.

This past winter was undeniably brutal, but alas, life is a funny thing. We here at CUPS realize that in a matter of months, we’ve went from doing anything to get ice away from us to begging for it because the sun’s swallowed up all the shade around us. That’s right, it’s summertime—we know you want your coffee iced, and that’s how we’ll take it too. The season’s turned you all into iced coffee fanatics (no shame), so since we’re a responsive bunch, we are including it in our basic plan.

Whaaaaaat? Yup, you heard us. Iced coffee and tea is now included in the CUPS Basic Plan. 

Questions? FAQs are below!

Iced as basic plan.

FAQ: Iced Coffee/Tea joins the CUPS Basic plan!

Q: I’m a cold brew drinker. Is this included in the basic plan?
A: If the coffee shop only has cold brew, then it will definitely be included. In other words, you can always walk away with a “cold coffee” in your paws.

Q: I drink tea, is iced tea included?
A: We’ve got you covered! Iced tea is also included in the basic plan!

Q: Is this a forever thing?
A: We have commitment issues. CUPS is down for this to be a summer 2015 thing but hurry. This deal only lasts until September 1st.

Q: The coffee shop serves iced coffee but I don’t see it in the app.
A: No panic. Just scroll through to the last menu item and check out. We will add it ASAP.

Q: Will you marry me?
A: Whoa there, Tiger. Let’s spend the summer together first and take it from there.

Don’t have CUPS app yet? Get with it! Download it on iOS or Android and go get ICED NOW!

Photo credit: Ashley Sears

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