New CUPS Cafes: Spring 2015

We’ve been getting busy all winter long growing our family faster than Johnny Depp can sneak animals across foreign borders. Each new coffee shop is unique and special just like a puppy and we feel the need to give each of them the attention they deserve. Now it’s finally hot outside, and iced coffees will be all the rage (almost as much as those short lacy shorts in SoHo). We certainly can’t play favorites with these babes so in birth order we present to you:

Sit & Wonder

They have a garden. With wifi. #nuffsaid

TJ’s Coffee World 

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~ S P R I N G feelings ~ 🌸🙏🏽

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When friends are in town and they insist Canal Street is a “must see” whilst refusing your suggestion to just head straight to the bar, TJ’S is the spot to wait out their crazed souvenir purchasing. Snag a table and deal with that hangover like a pro. Dough donuts and a cold brew, can’t go wrong!

Madman Espresso (2)

Not technically a new addition but Madman owner, Mayer, opened two new locations so worth a quick shout out! All Madman locations serve Seattle specialty roaster Caffe Vitta and have some of the wildest baristas in town!

Chopping Block

A FiDi coffee shop/lunch spot with, dare we say, the best latte art south of Chambers st.

Buttah Bakery

Irving Farm coffee is brewed at this Ridgewood sugar house. The smell of baked goods to accompany coffee brightens even the foulest of moods. If you are of the mindset (as we are) that there is never enough icing, then you will love this place.

Tsion Cafe

A recent addition to Harlem’s Sugarhill neighborhood, Tsion is a Ethiopian style cafe serving up traditional fare alongside La Colombe coffee. The cafe is a cultural and social hub so if you’re looking for a place to hang above 125th street this is probably it.

Spreadhouse Coffee

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1:52pm 🏠☕️

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This is where the cool kids are. If you haven’t heard about Spreadhouse and you are not currently wearing a flannel then you are over the hill (ahem… over 30?). Spreadhouse is the brainchild of a bunch of cool video production dudes and their dream is beautiful. Persian rugs line the floors and the smell of vegan treats fills the air while Drake plays on the radio. Oh heeey, LES, we see you. Perfect.


Oslo Coffee takes center stage at this South Slope cafe. If you accidentally cycle past the Slope and find yourself in the vortex between South Slope and Red Hook you know it will all be ok because Supercollider is near. Panic not.

Capitoline Grounds

When in Bed-Stuy, buy bacon by the slice in addition to your offee at this neighborhood cafe.

SOL Seeds of Love

Think you don’t need mac’n’cheese with your coffee? Think again. The owner is a classically trained chef who has worked with the “who’s who” of the restaurant world and his coffee ain’t bad either.

OS Cafe

Kid Friendly park slope cafe that is understated and quiet.

Pips’s Otarion 

Pip’s has been with us for a while but they opened their third location near Central Park which works great for us this summer season.

Cafe Biba

This is the place you tried to pee at when you drank too much at Smorgasburg. Cafe Biba serves BRC and a small lunch menu which is perfect for Brooklynites trying to avoid the crowds and get a strong wifi connection. A great coffice!

Yours Truly

Intelligentsia coffee on Spring Street, ginger plum iced tea, and succulents galore. How much more SoHo can you get?

MAZA Espresso Bar

MAZA is one of those coffee shops that opened in the West Village during the winter and people that live on the block are just now discovering it. MAZA serves a private label roast from Stone Street in a “design-y” atmosphere.

Little Skips Outpost 

If you live in Bushwick (or know someone that does) then this spot needs no explanation. The offshoot of the renowned (and always-packed) Little Skips it is basically a landmark and it hasn’t even been around for a year. Come to Little Skips Outpost for a calmer, quieter atmosphere.

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As always, you can head to our website for a full list of CUPS cafes! Let’s keep the coffee crawl alive!

xo – The CUPS Fam

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