Very Punny: Coffee Puns to Get You Through The Daily Grind

Having a standard Monday? Sleep deprivation finally catching up with you this Tuesday? Seriously confused about why it’s only Wednesday? Antsy that it’s Thursday and that the weekend is just 2 loooooooong business days away? A little too hung over this Friday? Me too.

For all of you having one of those days: this post is for you. I’ll start off with a classic.

How do you feel when there is no coffee?
Answer: Depresso.


That’s a fake smile. I’m depresso because I haven’t had coffee.
The raised hood tells it all.

Here’s one for all you hipsters out there.

Why did the Brooklynites burn their tongue?
Answer: They drank the coffee before it was cool.

hipsterMe as a cool hipster.

Get ready for a knee-slapper…

What do you call a robbery in which someone’s coffee was stolen?
Answer: Mugging.

Ba dum TSS! [There’s really no appropriate photo for me to put here.]

Thanks a latte! I appreciate you appreciating my jokes. Sometimes I just want to Espresso myself, because it Mochas me happy. I have Grounds to believe you haven’t had as many coffees today as I have. And I hope I gave you a good 10-minute distraction from life.

You can stop reading this ridiculous post now. Get moving! It’s absolutely brewtiful outside!

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*Photo Credit: featured image found on Pinterest here