CUPS at NY Tech Day!

CUPS participated in the exciting annual NY Tech Day, which is the (self-proclaimed) world’s largest startup event!

Our day started out with a morning run to the amazing Underwest Donuts. We wanted to provide the best donuts from one of our independent, local coffee shops. I mean, what better way to feed 10,000+ hungry tech kids than coffee and donuts?! And we were personally excited about fueling our own morning with deliciousness.


Are those donuts drool-worthy or what? Our goal was to make ourselves even more irresistible, if that’s even possible. I mean, check out our founders in those stunning teal pants! After stuffing our own mouths with a few of the donuts, we got ready behind the glorious monochromatic CUPS table. (Don’t worry, we fixed the flowers!)







Devocion was our generous coffee sponsor, and they made sure that the CUPS table was serving the BEST coffee in the entire warehouse. Attendees loved to hear about the CUPS family of unique local coffee shops. The handsome Devocion men, Jonathan and Nick, were hard at work all day brewing perfect cups for everyone.





Did you miss the event? No sweat! We’ll buy you a drink anyways. Hurry and download the app! Your first drink is on us. I know, best first date ever.

We love you guys!

– The CUPS Team

Don’t have CUPS app yet? Get with it! Download it on iOS or Android and you can tell us your thoughts on Cold Brew vs Iced Coffee!

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