Don’t “Ice Ice Baby” me

Here at CUPS, we often receive profound questions such as “What’s the difference between Cold Brew and Iced Coffee?” This particular question came from a resident of the supposed hippest part of Brooklyn, and it made us realize there are two kinds of people in Williamsburg these days: hipsters that know what cold brew is, and hipsters that don’t.

Let’s break it down for the basic b*tch because let’s face it – alas, it is now available at Starbucks.

The CUPS “Cold Brew” Guide for Dummies 


Summer is coming right around the corner, CUPSters! So grab your too-expensive boutique sunglasses to take a walk around the ‘burg and get your Cold Brew taste test on at Jane Motorcycle, Daily Press, Pudge Knuckles, Blind Barber, Re-union, Devocion and The West.

We love you guys!

– The CUPS team

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