Are you a real New Yorker?

CUPS has been fueling your daily grind for almost a year so it is fair to say we know a little about you. And, let’s be real, in every intimate relationship there comes a time when one party spills all the dirt.

We’ve kept your secret long enough but you guys are drinking a ton (and we love it!) – it’s no wonder we are the city that never sleeps. Collectively, you drank enough coffee to fill a swimming pool (or at least one the size of SoHo House pool). We think you can beat that this summer.

Are you craving that drip coffee or sipping on some┬átea? See where you fall in the pack because let’s face it. New Yorkers are a pack and we are proud to be running with you.

Don’t have CUPS app yet? Get with it! Download it on iOS or Android and you can help us drink enough coffee to equal an Olympic-sized pool this year!

CUPS infographics1

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